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    ion (WTO) on global governance, climate change, UN reform,▓ WTO reform and other major issues. Working together, we will promote our shared interests, uphold multilateralism and free trade, and safeguard world peace, stability, development and prosperity.Lookin

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    g back at the last five decades▓, China-Italy relations have struck deep roots and▓ borne rich fruits. Looking ahead, China-Italy cooperation w▓ill continue to flourish and prosper. The Chinese pe▓ople look forward to working hand in hand wi▓th our friends in Italy


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to carry forward our▓ blossoming relationship and imbue our friendship with more vitality and dynamism.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlea

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ns to the diversity of c ivilizations▓ and mutual learning bet ween different cultu res.Chin a▓ hopes to s trengthen coordination w ith I▓taly in int ernational affairs and multilateral organizations. China is ready to enhan▓ce communi cation and collaborati on with Italy in the United Nations (UN), the G20, As▓ia-Europe Meeti ng and the World Trade Organiza▓t 横峰县wap 余江县wap 丹东市5G 东平县5G 江阴市wap 泰顺县5G 枣庄市5G 榆社县5G 廉江市wap 响水县wap 漯河市wap 桐庐县5G 元氏县5G 厦门市5G 凯里市wap 正镶白旗wap 利津县5G 兰考县wap 崇州市wap 前郭尔罗斯蒙古族自治县wap 传奇私服中变网 传奇私服扫号器破解版 每日新开传奇私服微端 传奇私服gm论坛 神途传奇私服网站新开网 超级变态传奇私服上线65535级 制作单机传奇私服教程 合击传奇私服新开区网站 传奇私服电脑配置 传奇私服十大家族